Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Round 1 Predictions For the NHL Playoffs

Tonight begins the race for Lord Stanley's Cup. My predictions for winners in round one are at the bottom in Red. If you think I got something wrong leave a comment below.

Seed West Seed East
1 Vancouver Canucks 1 New York Rangers
2 St. Louis Blues 2 Boston Bruins
3 Phoenix Coyotes 3 Florida Panthers
4 Nashville Predators 4 Pittsburgh Penguins
5 Detroit Red Wings 5 Philadelphia Flyers
6 Chicago BlackHawks 6 New Jersey Devils
7 San Jose Sharks 7 Washington Capitals
8 Los Angeles Kings 8 Ottowa Senators
Round 1
West East
Vancouver Canucks New York Rangers
vs vs
Los Angeles Kings Ottowa Senators
St. Louis Blues Boston Bruins
vs vs
San Jose Sharks Washington Capitals
Phoenix Coyotes Florida Panthers
vs vs
Chicago BlackHawks New Jersey Devils
Nashville Predators Pittsburgh Penguins
vs vs
Detroit Red Wings Philadelphia Flyers

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