Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goofy Dog

I don't understand my dog. We've got a black and tan coon hound mix with the most wonderful singing voice of any hound I've ever heard. It's not a whiny howl like you get from a beagle, it's a full throated baritone. Very sonorous. He greets everyone who comes into the house with a war cry, followed by and I swear this is true a noise that sounds like nothing so much as "Robble, Robble, Robble".

The best is when he's sleeping. Out of a cold, dead sleep he'll wake up and his voice will break as he sounds the alarm. Occasionally he'll even fall off the couch with a thud before continuing his greeting. It's to the point now where he'll sing on command. All I have to say is "Mom's home" and that's enough for him to sing his song and run to look out the window. Unfortunately he doesn't know who "Mom" is. Mom can be sitting on the couch next to the dog when you say "Mom's home" and he'll fall over himself howling and running to the window.


  1. He's also recently come into his hound heritage and started tracking other animals on our morning walks. When he's got a scent, stubborn, is a nice way to put it. :)

  2. Funny- frickin funny!!!!!