Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NHL Conference Finals or Better Late Than Never

This is late coming out, but I've been busy and I'm a front runner anyways, or haven't you read this? At the time of this post the Kings lead the Coyotes 2-0, and the Rangers lead the Devils 1-0.

Eastern Conference Finals

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils     I pick: Rangers

The I don't care match-up of the playoffs so far. I'm rooting for the Devils, but I get the feeling that the Rangers will advance to the Stanley Cup. On a side note, how far do the Devils need to go to make Marty Brodeur comfortable retiring? If they win the Cup does he come back next year?

Western Conference Finals

Phoenix Coyotes vs Los Angeles Kings     I pick: Kings

I've picked against the Kings twice now based on the fact that they couldn't find the back of the net all season long. I am now a believer. The Kings will walk all over a Coyotes team that has made it this far using smoke and mirrors. Dave Tippet has implemented a scheme in Phoenix that maximizes his rosters talent, but it won't let them score. Mike Smith has had a heck of a run, but it's all over now. I said it here now, and you can take it to the bank (pay no attention to that donut I put up in Round 2): The Kings are going to win the Stanley Cup. J. Quick is the best goalie left in the playoffs and the rest of the team has remembered how to light the lamp.

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  1. Go Devils! Marty is NEVER retiring, so let that thought go. He will die in the crease, and there will be a little memorial plot of flowers growing there in perpetuity.
    Honestly, The Rangers are going to be tough, even with the series evened up. And it doesn't matter- the Kings are just destroying the opposition. One game in 2+ rounds giving up more than 2 goals? Ridiculous.