Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 2: At Sea

That's me after formal night. I'm getting ready to burst into song.
Travel days on a cruise ship are a blessing and a curse. Heather had a spa day planned. Swedish massage for her. She had a great time and complained happily afterwards about how sore she was. I still don't understand massages. Cameron took off and we didn't see him again until it was time for dinner. I didn't have anything planned and got caught up on some reading.

The Disney Wonder has the coolest things for kids who are old enough to be given a little more freedom. Each cabin comes with two portable phones in addition to the stateroom phone. The phones are tied to the staterooms and the network runs all over the ship. So we gave Cam a handset and turned him loose.

There's a ton of stuff available for him on the ship. The 11-13 year old's have their own club called The Edge that's located on Deck 2 Forward. It's got several computers, two big screen televisions (one for video games Xbox, and Wii, and the other for movies/TV shows and more video games) a whole slew of bean bag chairs, and a ton of board games. I saw an over sized chess set in there that I think he's going to have fun with. All that and Disney crew trained specifically for the care and feeding of Tween's.

This could be the kind of trip where we don't see him at all, he does no sight seeing, and comes home begging to go back. Different sights are impressive to an 11year old. I'll always remember the Forest Service Ranger talking at the Grand Canyon. He was talking about kids and said that parents shouldn't be too worried if their children aren't impressed by the natural beauty of the area. He said that by the time the child could spell aesthetics they'd be able to appreciate aesthetics.

Dinner tonight at Triton's, and we got to meet the rest of our table mates. We met Monique and Emily last night at dinner, but Chuck and Ruth had reservations for Palo's (that's the classy joint up on deck 10 aft). So tonight we met Chuck, Ruth, and their daughter Patricia. They're from Beaverton, OR. Small World.

The Scopolamine patches are working great so far. I haven't been queasy at all. Looking forward to seeing real live icebergs at Tracy arm tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow then!

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