Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 8: Disembarkation

Whew! Thank goodness today is over. Cruises are funny beasts. They treat you like royalty for the entire trip, right up until the time you leave, then they practically throw you off the ship.

Woke up at 6:00am today in order to get through the shower and dressed before breakfast. Breakfast was served at 7:30am in Parrot Cay. That was good, Parrot Cay is my favorite dining room on board. We had a chance to see all of our table mates for the last time. It was nice to be able to say goodbye.

Then it was back to the room to grab the last of our stuff because the room stewards need to prepare the rooms for the next guests. We grabbed our bags and headed up to deck 9 to wait for our Disney character to be called. The ship disembarks kind of like airplanes get boarded. Instead of calling your row, there is an announcement calling your Disney character. Our character was Goofy, and that turned out to be a bad call for us. We were the last people called to disembark, and so the queue's began.

First a line to get off the ship. Shuffle, shuffle, step...shuffle, shuffle, step. Finally off the ship onto the gangway, shuffle, shuffle, step...shuffle, shuffle, step. Cam did fantastic through this whole thing. I was super happy with him. Off the gangway into the terminal, shuffle, shuffle, step...shuffle, shuffle, step. Oh, be careful now, things open up into four lines as we prepare to go through customs. Shuffle, shuffle, step, ironic because we're going through Canadian customs in order to drive south through U.S. customs later today.

Canadian customs was polite and thorough as always. They seem to be more consistently nice then you'll find in the States. Through to baggage claim, grab the baggage cart! Don't want to carry those bags all the way to the car. Now to find the luggage. Funny, it was all together when we put it outside the door last night. How did it get so spread out here?

OK, we've got the bags now it's off to the elevator, you know they have 2 of them here at Canada place. Yes there was a line for the elevator. When people are getting on the elevator with a weeks worth of luggage you know the it's going to take some time. Shuffle, shuffle, step. Finally we're downstairs in the parking garage. Hey look, the car's in one piece. Thank goodness. Load the bags and we are off.

On the road to the US border. Clear sailing all the way to the crossing. Once we get there though, trouble strikes. 75 minute wait to cross the border. That can't be right. it's pushing 12:30pm now. Maybe that's a hold over from the morning rush hour? Now Cam needs to use the restroom. Goodness gracious.

So here's the coolest thing that happened all day. The line to cross the border is creeeeeeeping along, and we're coming up to the duty free shop. The line is moving slow enough that we probably have just enough time. "Come on Cam." We jump out of the car and buzz into the shop. Quick, run to find the restroom. "Might want to hurry, that line could start moving any time now." Cam headed in and I start pacing. Fortunately there is a window looking out at the line so I can see Heather. The line doesn't move for a bit, but then it starts creeping. Uh Oh. I don't want to go in and tell him to hurry, because that might freeze him up. Come on buds, the car is about even with us. Here comes Cam, drying his hands. He throws the paper towel away and steps out. "Come on Cam, we've got to go. The car is moving." Out the door, across the bushes and about a 20 yard dash down the road and we are back in the Escape. WooHoo!

Two pictures to share.

I'm not going to talk about the trip south through Washington. It was uneventful.

It's good to be home.

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