Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 7: At Sea

Semi-Formal night at Parrot Cay.

Last day on board! The Cruise Director makes sure that these days at sea are packed with things to do. Our first step was to say goodbye to Cameron. He was sleeping in to prepare for a day of kid debauchery. Today we got to go to a cooking demo for strawberry crepes. The best part of the cooking demo is the sample that we get, served with a wine selected by our sommelier's (or as our chef Corey called them, the cork dorks). Really delicious. I felt bad for Heather because she's allergic to strawberries, but not bad enough to not eat her crepe.

After the cooking demo was over we headed up to the Buena Vista Theater to catch Aladdin on the big screen. I was excited because I've never seen it in a theater. We did miss the opening sequence which is a bummer because that's really cool, but we came in just before the Street Rats number. I think it's my second favorite Disney animated movie next to The Jungle Book.

Then it was back to the cabin to begin packing. I haven't mentioned our cabin number have I?

Totally sweet right? I'm digging it.

There's not much to talk about with the packing except to say that Heather is truly exceptional when it comes to these things. Our bags needed to be outside our cabins by 10:00pm so they can be picked up and moved to shore when the ship docks.

We did stand in line and register for a trip on board the Disney Dream for a 5 night Caribbean cruise with two stops at Castaway Cay. The Disney Dream is the newest ship in the fleet. Our trip is scheduled for June 2012, so that's something for us to look forward to. I'm glad we booked on the Wonder because we got 10% off the overall price.

Dinner tonight was at Parrot Cay, which is my favorite dining room on board. We also had a table right next to a window which gave us great views while we were eating. Here are some pictures from the evening.
This is our Server Aaron. You have the same serving staff for the entire trip.

Desert? Baked Alaska of course!

Our Assistant Server Ceci on the left, and our Server Aaron on the right.

Aaron on the right and Ceci on the left.
Lazy evening tonight because we have a ridiculous wake up time tomorrow. Breakfast is at 7:30 at Parrot Cay, and we need to be out of the room by 9:15am. Hopefully we'll be able to head ashore shortly after that.

Whirlwind of a trip! Home tomorrow.

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  1. OK, apparently there are some of you that didn't get the reference to 2112. There is a musical group called Rush that put out an album called 2112 in 1976.