Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a Wonderful Hockey Weekend!

Today was a hockey day! My son is playing his first year of hockey. He's playing for the Portland Junior Hawks in the Squirt House division. This weekend they're holding their playoffs. There are five teams in the division and this makes the playoffs a little messy. I'll break it down for you.

The 4th place team plays the 5th place team for the last playoff spot.
2nd place plays 3rd place in the first Semi-Final game.
1st place plays the winner of the 4th place/5th place game in the second Semi-Final game.
The loser of the two Semi-Final games play each other for 3rd place, and the winners play each other for the league championship.

My son's team came into the weekend in 5th place. They had a really tough time scoring goals this year. They ended up scoring a grand total of 18 goals in 14 league games. They did not actually win a league game all season long, although they did beat one of the league teams in tournament play at the beginning of the season, and later won two more non-league games at a tournament in Wenatchee WA (another story entirely that I won't get into here...unless somebody asks...hint hint.) Their prospects were not good. So of course they wind up beating the 4th place team to win their way into the playoffs.

A lot of you might think that's a good thing, and I suppose I do too. The trouble is that the winner of the game gets an engraved invitation to play the 1st place team. The dreaded Mite A team. They are an age group below the squirts, so this should be easy right? Evidently not. They've only lost one game all year in league play.

My sons team play their hearts out and ended up losing 8-0. Tough loss to take. Tomorrow they play the Black team in the 3rd place consolation game. The black team lost to the Green team in the second Semi-Final game. That game ended up 6-5 so both teams can be scored on. Good news for our boys!

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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