Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May

It looks like April showers have brought May flowers. The weather has been good this last week, but don't let that fool you. It won't be safe until after the end of Portland's Rose Festival. It has something to do with mother nature needing the appropriate amount of moisture to ensure that nobody has fun at the "Fun Center" down at Waterfront Park.

The sun was out today, but it was blowing hard in downtown Portland. One of the truly fantastic things about where I work is that I'm just across the street from Portland's Heliport. It's not usually busy. There might be two or three landings a day. A helicopter will come land to drop someone off, or pick someone up. Usually it's a small, almost toy looking helicopter. Today the Coast Guard flew in. Much larger, and more impressive then the one's we normally see. It didn't seem affected by the wind in the least. I was hoping they'd lower a person down from the helicopter in a harness, but no such luck. Just a takeoff and landing.

OK, that's enough. Helicopters? That's the line. I have to come clean. I'm dangling this post here as a place holder. I've been having trouble coming up with appropriate material to talk about. It's been a week now since my last post and I really needed to post something so here it is.

I'm leaving you now to hunt for something keen to write about.

Wish Me Luck!

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