Saturday, May 14, 2011

#OregoniansAgainstRain Foiled In An Interesting Way

#OregoniansAgainstRain was formed as a Political Action Committee while I was watching my sons lacrosse practices. We had several weeks where it rained any time a lacrosse related activity was going on. The PAC seemed to work pretty good. All of you came together and gave massive amounts of cold hard cash, cash that I put to work. Sammy, the weather mage who lives on the sidewalk near where I work got a chunk. Our Free Umbrella For All campaign, because everyone knows that Rain hates umbrellas, and the scores of votive candles at St. Francis Chapel of the Perpetually damp.

We've been getting some very nice weather for lacrosse the last couple of weeks. In fact it's been almost the opposite of what it had been. It would rain all day until lacrosse, and then it would clear up. I'll take that every time.

Today we had a game and the weather looked like it might be touch and go. It wasn't raining, but the sky was gray and threatening. It looked like it could open up at any time. I greased Sammy, handed out umbrellas, and lit candles for St. Agricola of Avignon. I felt pretty good. We got there in plenty of time, the weather looked good, if still very overcast.

So what happened? The team they were supposed to play had showed up at the field an hour before, and seeing no one there to play they left. Up and split. What do you say to that? I could almost hear Rain laughing at me. I think it held up on purpose. I think it's been following my progress with #OregoniansAgainstRain and now it's getting it's revenge. I'm living in dread of Rains PAC. #RainAgainstOregonians. No one wants to see that.

Alright, that's enough anthropomorphizing rain, but I'm still watching. I'm still watching.


  1. Just don't blink!!!!

  2. HAH! Sounds like this could turn into a horror flick quick. I choose M. Night Shyamalan to direct.