Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pictures From The Park

#OregoniansAgainstRain have been so successful in their campaign against rain that I've been able to walk the dog down in the park. It's been beautiful! I could always walk the dog when Rain is on the war path, but it's so much nicer when it's dry. I took a couple of pictures that I'd like to share.

I like this path because it reminds me of the path that's in every fantasy novel I've ever read. It's the path that leads our hero onto the first leg of his or her quest. I took these pictures on my phone, but what I would have really liked is a camera with a wide angle lens. I think it would be cool to pull the background in a little bit.

This one is my dystopian future Sci-Fi setting. The only thing missing is a hulking piece of technology to keep the bench company in the river. This bench is a lot of fun to walk by because it's where the water fowl hang out. This time of year there's only a couple of ducks swimming around, but in the fall there are Canadian geese by the score migrating through that use this as a way point for their trip.

Do they make you think of anything?

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