Sunday, April 10, 2011

Next Up on Netflix - DEADLIEST CATCH

Cam has been abusing Netflix again. What's he watching now? Deadliest Catch Season 6. We missed this season when it ran live. I watched it with him until Captain Phil got sick and was taken to the hospital. It stopped being fun to watch. Knowing that a character dies really takes the fun out of a reality TV show. It's good to be watching the show again, and it's good to find something Cam and I can watch together. Something that isn't on Disney channel anyway. Wizards of Waverly Place is pretty good, but sometimes you want something a little less youth appropriate. It doesn't get much less youth appropriate than Deadliest Catch.


  1. My buddy's son calls Deadliest Catch, Deadly Crabs. The misnomer has stuck in my head and has caused a few mildly embarassing situations.

  2. Thanks for putting that in my head. Now I'll need to review my brain-mouth filter every time I talk about the show. It wasn't a very good filter anyway. I bought it second hand from some guy named Charlie Sheen.