Monday, April 18, 2011

This Rain Can Stop Now

As a mostly native Oregonian, (I was born in Seattle and moved to Oregon when I was 5) I have seen most of what this state, specifically the Willamette Valley, has to offer as far as weather is concerned. I've seen droughts in summer, flooding in winter, rain that brought land slides blocking the coast range and causing major detours. I've seen winds that blew down trees, ice thick enough to collapse power lines, and just a couple of years back two weeks of snow that brought this town to a complete stand still, but this year has taken the cake.

They call it La NiƱa, and it brings extra wet weather to the Pacific Northwest. Those of us who live here understand that wet winters and springs are par for the course. There is no hope for summer until after The Rose Festival. That's Portland's party that happens from early to mid June. We make up for it by having some of the most beautiful summers on earth, but to get to summer you have to go through spring and years like this try men's souls. The weather has been cold and damp all winter and to make matters worse Cam has picked this year to try his hand at Lacrosse.

I'm all for Lacrosse, I love the running (for him), the eye hand coordination, and the team play it requires. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is played outdoors rain or shine. We haven't had too much of the latter this year. I think there have been a total of three Lacrosse days this year when it hasn't rained at least a little. A typical practice is an hour and a half of rain followed by a soggy trip home. Nothing gets a chance to dry out and I swear we are going to end up with the entire practice field being brought home on his cleats. I'm going to need to figure some kind of a way to handle all of the wetness. Until I do there will be more #OregoniansAgainstRain showing up on @MacBeerchill's twitter feed, and for sure there will be more whining. Fair Notice!

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