Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ramblings From My Chair

Happy Easter!

First things first, great weather last Friday and Saturday for Cam's lacrosse events. Rain came back to visit today so all of you holding off on donating to #OregoniansAgainstRain, this is your fault. Donate now, or you can never again complain about the weather.

Exciting happenings today. Cam was the 7th man at the Winterhawks playoff game today. That means that he was introduced, and got to skate out on the ice to stand with the Winterhawks during the national anthem. He had his own locker room, with his name on the door. His grandpa took some pictures so I'll see if I can get something up soon. Cam did a fantastic job. Oh yes, the Winterhawks beat the Chiefs 2-1 to tie up their Western Conference Finals series 1-1. Game 3 Wednesday in Spokane.

Some quick thoughts before I leave you. No 3 vs 3 today because of the holiday so there are no Ramblings from the Rink. Easter brunch was fantastic, thanks mom! Great to see the folks, Julia and my good friend Curt. Congratulations to the Nashville Predators and my favorite Brandon Wheat King Alum Jordin Tootoo for beating the Anaheim Ducks and advancing for the first time to the second round. Congratulations to the Portland Trailblazers on their spectacular 23 point comeback Saturday afternoon to tie up their playoff series 2-2.

Be Well!

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