Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vancouver BC, Go Canucks Go

There I was being held for crimes against the blogosphere. Held inside a tiny dome and forced to read opinions of people I didn't know and did not agree with. Without even a Kindle to keep me company. 

Great picture no? This was taken at the Vancouver Aquarium. The family and I toured around the aquarium and Stanley Park yesterday. The horse drawn carriage was a suprising treat. I swear to you we had the bitterest tour guide in the whole world. She even scolded her passengers for asking questions about things she had already covered. No such thing as a stupid question? HA! Don't get on that carriage my friend.

We ended up at the Prospect Point Cafe for dinner.

This plate of Golden Brown, and Deliciousness (thanks Alton Brown for putting that into my lexicon) was dinner for Heather and Cameron. Good looking stuff. Cam is going through a phase where he doesn't finish his food. Heather remembered this and took full advantage. Well done!

My dinner. I've been going through a hotdog phase. I love being in Canada because vinegar is provided everywhere. These were some darn tasty fries.

Big thanks to our house sitter Curt for looking out for the homestead while we're gone. Let me know what kind of swag we can bring home for you. I'm going to try and post from the cruise but I've got no guarantees. We'll have to see what kind of mood the internet gods are in. We are scheduled to board the Disney Wonder today, in just a couple of hours as a matter of fact. 


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